Research in the Social Sciences

A highly innovative feature of the PiPS team is that it includes anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists. Many experiments combine quantitative and qualitative methods of data gathering and often involve detailed interviews to better understand patients’ viewpoints of their experience. Until recently, this patient-centered data has been largely ignored in placebo research. Furthering our social science research agenda is a high priority of PiPS. To date:

  • Our psychological team, headed by Drs. Irving Kirsch and John Kelley, has produced major studies related to the psychology of placebo, including studies examining response to placebo in relation to the psychological makeup of patients and practitioners, the stability of the placebo effect and psychological processes involved in the nocebo effect.
  • Our anthropological team has examined patients’ cultural narratives while on placebo treatment.
  • Our sociological team has analyzed demographic variables associated with responses in the patient-clinician relationship.

Related publications:

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