Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gives grant to support Placebo Studies

PiPS has been awarded $250,000 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The funds will be used to create a high-impact seminar series that examines the potential of placebo studies to contribute to the transformation of health care. Over a period of approximately 18 months starting in June, 2013, a series of symposia will be held that bring together representatives from relevant disciplines including clinical specialties, neuroscience, health policy, anthropology, sociology, bioethics, and the history of medicine. The symposia will be structured to encourage an in-depth conversation that broadens the discourse about how the phenomenon known as placebo response can be utilized to enhance the provider-patient relationship, improve patient outcomes, reduce morbidity, and help control health care costs. Incentives will be offered that encourage participants to engage in collaborations. Certain events will be open to the public as well as the medical community. Register as a member to learn more about these and other events. Or call 617-945-7827 for more information.

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